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CCIF Vancouver 2022 – 6-7 octobre 2022

octobre 6 - octobre 7

Détails de l’événement

Jeudi 6 octobre 2022
Atelier : 16h30 – 18h30*
Réception de réseautage : 18h30 – 22h

Vendredi 7 octobre 2022
Déjeuner et inscription : 7h – 8h30
Conférences : 8h30 – 11h45
Dîner : 11h45 – 13h
Conférences : 13h – 15h45

*Les places sont limitées.

Plus d’information et l’agenda seront disponibles sous peu.


Les frais d’inscription au CCIF Vancouver 2022 incluent un accès complet à la conférence, y compris le déjeuner, le dîner et les rafraîchissements du vendredi. Les frais d’inscription comprennent également toutes les activités facultatives, y compris l’atelier du jeudi après-midi* et la réception de réseautage du jeudi soir.

Qui devrait participer?
Carrossiers, Assureurs, Fournisseurs et Prestataires de Services, Manufacturiers et Revendeurs de pièces d’origines, Associations professionnelles, Enseignants et Étudiants.






Titre: Batteries are Included 

Conférencier: Stefano Liessi, Canadian Collision Specialist

Résumé de la conférence:  (an anglais uniquement)

In this session, attendees will learn:

-The approach to repairing Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the mainstream production collision sector
-Safety, procedures, comprehension, future challenges, all are not alike
-Will it be as soon as implied?
-The viability of EVs
-ADAS and the relation to EVs and the repair processes
-Skills and Education, are we behind or ahead?
-Cost and timing- spread the cost over time to gain the wealth
-How should we – verses how we normally approach these advancements


Titre: Developing a Culture of Operational Excellence

Conférencier: Hugo Breton, ActionCOACH Halton

Résumé de la conférence: 

Culture is the core of the experience when dealing with an organization, either for employees or customers. If your company develops a strong culture, it will attract, retain and grow fantastic talent, and deliver an exceptional experience to your customers. Having a compelling vision, a clear mission, and a set of values that positively impact all stakeholders can become your competitive advantage. 

Furthermore, there has never been as much pressure on operational excellence as there is now, but today we have at our disposal a comprehensive toolkit. By leveraging methodologies, resources and a culture that aligns with this objective, your organization can deliver value to customers through efficient use of resources in a sustainable manner. 

In this session, attendees will: 

-Understand the importance of culture in modern organizations 
-Explore what a culture of operational excellence means 
-Learn how to build a healthy culture in your organization 
-Take away practical actions participants can engage in after the conference 


Titre: Connected Car: Harnessing the Power of Vehicle Telematics

Conférencière: Mary Mahoney, Enterprise Holdings

Résumé de la conférence: 

In this session, attendees will learn: 

-What do we mean by Connected Car? 
-What are the current capabilities? 
-How is this technology being applied/used in a large fleet operation? 
-How soon will we achieve critical mass? 
-What could this mean for CCIF stakeholders? 


Title: Cybersecurity

Speaker: Simon Y Wong, Ernst & Young

Presentation Outline:

In this session Simon Wong will brief the CCIF audience on Cyber threat trends, and how Canadian companies are investing to protect themselves. He’ll also detail recommendations to take a proactive stance on Cybersecurity, focusing on practical advice for small and medium-sized businesses. Where relevant, he’ll be referencing data from EY’s Annual Information Security Survey . 


Plus de conférences seront ajoutées sous peu



Stefano Liessi, Lead Consultant / Trainer, Canadian Collision Specialist

As a Red Seal technician, refinisher, and the founder of Canadian Collision Specialist, Stefano enhances his 40 years of experience with 14 years of I-CAR instructing coupled with 6 years of high school teaching to bring you training and coaching that encompasses all learning styles. Having experienced the corporate side of the industry, insurance, and management, Stefano’s focus is, getting it right the first time with proper updated repairs, performed equitably, for all of the parties involved in the collision industry. 


Hugo Breton, Certified Business Coach & Managing Partner, ActionCOACH Halton

Hugo Breton is a Certified Business Coach and the Managing Partner at ActionCOACH Halton. He works with entrepreneurs, business owners and executives to profitably grow their organizations, strengthen their teams, and free up their time. He’s passionate about culture, customer service and developing leaders. 

He began his career as a business consultant in McKinsey & Company, leading operational excellence transformations in the Americas and Sub-Saharan Africa. He later joined Citibank where he implemented new direct marketing practices and retail banking processes. Hugo led the Latin American operations team for Riot Games, supporting the most popular online video game and the launch of four new titles. He co-founded Octhopus, a virtual assistant platform with social impact. He started his own business coaching firm when moving to Canada with his family and focuses on positively impacting Halton region businesses and organizations. 

Hugo holds an MBA and an M. of Eng. in Manufacturing from the University of Michigan. He loves writing, movies, music, running and video games.


Mary Mahoney, Vice President, Replacement and Leisure Division, Enterprise Holdings

Mary Mahoney provides leadership and guidance for Enterprise’s largest global accounts and is responsible for client and industry relations in the insurance, collision, dealer, OEM, and leisure/affinity segments. Mahoney also has many years of experience in vehicle collision and replacement, allowing her to represent Enterprise on several boards and at industry events. 

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a degree in Communications, Mahoney began her career with Enterprise as a Management Trainee in Florida. Throughout her decades-long Enterprise career, Mahoney has taken on many leadership positions within the company.  

Notably, in 1994, Mahoney spearheaded efforts to develop and implement Enterprise’s Automated Rental Management System (ARMS®), which received a patent and was trademarked by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. ARMS has continued to streamline the rental process between insurance companies, auto repair shops and Enterprise’s extensive network of neighborhood branch offices; and in turn, it has simplified the process of managing replacement rental cars for policyholders. 


Simon Y Wong, Ernst & Young, Associate Partner | Consulting Services, Cybersecurity, Ernst & Young 

Simon Wong is an Associate Partner in the Consulting Services practice at Ernst & Young LLP, with over 20 years experience in IT, and 8 years as a cybersecurity consultant to Western Canadian clientele. In his current role at EY, Simon leads Cybersecurity consulting services in BC. He seeks to enable his client’s digital agendas, by achieving specific and related cybersecurity outcomes. Simon is responsible for leading client conversations in BC related to transforming client capabilities in: Cloud and Data Protection, Digital Identity, and Detection and Response via EY’s solution competencies.  

Simon is a founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Chapter in Vancouver, BC. He is passionate about making security thought leadership practical, actionable and effective, and is a frequent public speaker on emerging cybersecurity trends within Western Canadian IT and security communities.  



Plus de conférenciers seront ajoutés sous peu


Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel
7551 Westminster Hwy
Richmond, BC V6X 1A3 Canada
Téléphone: (604) 273-7878

Bloc de réservation de chambre d’hôtel

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Téléphone : 1-800-663-0299
Nom du bloc : Forum canadien de l’industrie de la carrosserie
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Le tarif est éligible jusqu’au jeudi 15 septembre 2022. Les chambres seront soumises à disponibilité selon le principe du premier arrivé, premier servi. Réservez maintenant!


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Début :
octobre 6
Fin :
octobre 7
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Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel
7551 Westminster Hwy
Richmond, BC V6X 1A3 Canada
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